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  • Weight: 400 gram
  • Origin: Afghanistan
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  • Category: Munakka (मुनक्‍का)
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 Munakka or Seeded Raisins is basically a variety of dyhydrated or dried grapes. It is considered extremely healthy in traditional Indian medicine/Ayurveda) and is often recommended as part of a diet for those recovering from chronic illness. It is naturally cool and very sweet to the taste. Considered an effective home remedy for many minor health problems, this dried fruit is widely used in decorating desserts and dishes in India. According to health experts, diabetic patients should not use it without consulting a doctor. It has a high amount of natural sugar namely sucrose and glucose; which are considered to be very helpful in obesity. Also, it is a rich source of calcium and micro-nutrient boron, which helps to strengthen bones and teeth. It also contains ‘catechin’ - a valuable anti-oxidant and ‘Kaempferol’, a flavonoid that helps reduce the growth of cancerous tumors. As a good source of Polyphenolic- phytonutrient, it is considered good for the eyes of humans as well.


Difference between Munakka and Raisins (Kishmish)

Munnaka and Kishmish both are in dry fruits category with different nutritional profiles, shape and size. Munnaka is brown to dark brown in color whereas Kishmish is Green to yellow in color. Munnaka contains seed inside it whereas Kishmish is seedless. Kishmish is more popularly used in cooking whereas Munnaka is frequently used for medicinal value.


Chemical Constituents of Munakka –

Munnaka is sweet in taste and is considered as the rich source of phenolic compounds and contains resveratrol, flavonoid, quercetin, catechins, procyanidins and anthocyanins. It possesses anti-aging, anti-inflammation, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antitumor, cardiovascular-protection, neuroprotection properties

How to Use Munakka

Soak few pieces of Munakka in water overnight as per your requirement.  Then, have these soaked pieces on an empty stomach. This helps improve the iron levels in the body. To manage constipation, Soak few munakka seeds in the water and boil these soaked seeds with milk. Drint this milk before bed time , It will be helpful in managing constipation.

Benefits of Using Munakka -


ü  Increases vision

ü  Helps in weight gain

ü  Good for teeth & gums

ü  Prevents cancer

ü  Cures hypertension

ü  Effective in a dry cough

ü  Controls bad breath

ü  Effective in vertigo

ü  Cures headache

ü  Helpful in managing constipation

ü  Good for diabetes

ü  Controls acidity

Premium quality Munakka are packed with Special Zipper Pack/ re- sealable pack to retain their natural freshness, aroma and the original nutrients for long time, even after opening the packaging. Hygienic Hand packing and best quality control processes. 

We at Shara’s Dry Fruits are committed to provide premium quality Munakka/ Abjosh/ Seeded Raisins to our customers. 

Allergy caution - contains tree nuts. Packed in an inte.grated nuts & dried fruits unit and may contain occasional traces of other nuts & dried fruits

    Shara’s Dry Fruits brings to you the rich quality Munakka Dry Fruits which are 100% natural and fresh. It is our constant endeavor to provide best quality dry fruits with great taste throughout the year and our products are sure to be favorites after you purchase once. Shara’s Jumbo size Munakka Abjosh (Seeded Raisins) are hand packed in special zipper Pack which is re-sealable, so that you can keep them fresh and natural for long time, even after opening them. While packing the Munakka raisins, we take all care to maintain its freshness and hygienic conditions and to retain its freshness till consumption.

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